Friday, January 1, 2010

Feliz Ano Novo!

("Happy New Year")

It has been close to three years since I last wrote any entries for this blog, so a brief recap of what's been going on since early 2007.
  • Had two more Batizados in the successive years, earning azul claro and azul escuro ("light blue" and "dark blue"). Okay, technically I only attended one, but azul escuro was awarded in absentia.
  • Taught my first few classes at the academy, mostly teaching kids and intro classes. Wondering if teaching level 1 classes would be easier, since it can be assumed that they already know the basics by that point.
  • Burned through a significant chunk of life savings to take my very first trip to Brazil with the group, but left with memories that will last a lifetime, a greater knowledge of Capoeira, and greater appreciation for Capoeira and life in general home. The Mestre now has me on record saying that I will never complain about the conditions of the studio back home in Vancouver.
  • Made my first berimbau using glass and a Leatherman multitool. This is my berimbau. There are many like it, but this one is my own. Significant work must be performed on it so it plays and functions better, though.
Despite the promise of last year, things can always be better. Here's to a new year of hope, promise, and achievement!

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Anonymous said...

I'm from Brazil and I practice Capoeira too. But I'm taken a break becuase an elbow hurt. I'm studying english and think reading this blog would be nice to me, 'cause I try to understend and face to a subject that's very familiar to me.