Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Mais um semana

"One more week"

Still slogging through my physiotherapy and stretching exercises. I have significantly decreased range of motion in my left hamstring and have appointment scheduled for next Thursday. The physiotherapist says I'll possibly have to take another week for full recovery to minimize the risk of additional injury.

I came to realize that about every single visit that I've made to my doctor has been related to an injury sustained in training. It's the catch-22: either I'm in there because of the weekend warrior stuff, or because of health problems related to an inactive lifestyle. My family doctor recommends that I take up swimming. I hate swimming.

But, on the plus side, I've learned another song in Capoeira.

Ele é braço forte, (he has a strong arm)
ele é perna dura, (he has a hard leg)
ele e meu mestre, (he is my mestre)
ele ninguém segura (no one can hold him)

Ele é ligeiro (he is agile)
no martelo a meia-lua (of the martelo, meia-lua)
da macaco esse dobrado (and macaco and s. dobrado)
mas não faz isto na rua (but not doing it in the streets)

E meu mestre e (and my mestre)
E meu mestre a (and my mestre)
ele e meu mestre, (he is my mestre)
ninguém vai me segurar (no one will hold me)

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